GRIP PLUS - Shrink Fit Technology
Shrink Fit Machine

MCT 332 BASIC : technical features and advantages

Made by Mickros Plus, MCT 332 BASIC is the fastest heat shrinking appliance for HSS and HM tools. 
With the application of a MANUAL upright, with a mechanical brake that acts directly on the upright, it is considered the BASIC and most simplified version of the wide range of Mickros Plus magnetic induction machines, with range for tools from - Ø 3-32 mm

The shrinking-on system is currently considered the best tool-holder system available on the market. It allows higher concentricity precision and stronger clamping force between the tool and the spindle.
- Shrinking in record time
- Excellent cost effectiveness
- Short amortization period
- Use of all tapers due to simple adapter system
- Clear operating panel
- Handing adapted to workshop practices
- Optimum protection against burning
- No heating of the taper
- No heating of the tool
- Minimal heating due to manual operation
- Long life of the chuck
- Short cooling rate
- No problems with data chips due to rapid cooling
- No magnetizations of tools
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