High Quality toolholders

 High precision toolholders

Wide range of production to be used for CNC machines
Connection toolholders for:

• HSK  DIN 69893 - HSK-A+C   HSK-E   HSK-F
• SK    ISO 7388-1  ( ex Din 69871 )
• BT    ISO 7388-2  ( ex JIS-B 6339 / MAS 403 BT )

• Complete induction fitting thermical program dealing with DIN 69882

 Induction thermal machine and rapid cooling unit

  High precision toolholders
   Quality, innovation and flexibility are our project bases  

Total quality: from the project to the product
The high quality Mickros Plus product range is the result of a costant research of an expert team extremely concerned as regard the technological development of new production systems and then highly market oriented.

Our toolholders are manufactured on the latest generation of machine tools which are among the most up-to-date and precise available on the international market and they guarantee with sistematic repeatability the achievement of quotes and tolerances up to fractions of microns.

The proper layout and rigid quality controls during the process, through electronic and pneumatic german technology, assure to our products the highest precision and the quality targets projected through sophisticated computer aided systems.

Innovation: trust in the future
The careful and constant research for innovative production systems in the manufacturing of our products and the constant project synergies with our customers-partners which represent the max expression in mechanical precision production in Italy, today synonymous all over the world of quality and innovation, let us introduce on the market always up-to-date products able to guarantee cost savings and maximization of investments return thanks to the accurate and reliable use of the tool-toolholder-machine system.

Flexibility: whishes become true
Our unmatched flexibility allows us to satisfy our customers requests with a quick and economic offer.

An excellent distribution service together with a technical and qualified assistance allow to solve in the promptest, reliable and least expensive way all our customers' manufacturing needs.


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